Rental Process

So how do I get started with reserving rentals for my special event? This is a common question we are often asked. Here is a rundown of how our rental process works and some frequently asked questions.


How do I reserve rentals?

A 50% deposit reserves rentals of your liking, for the date of your special event. Also a brief rental agreement would need to be signed and returned to us. That’s it! The remaining 50%, the security deposit, and the delivery fee would be invoiced two weeks prior to the rental date.

What if I need help deciding on which pieces to rent?

If you have any inspiration Pinterest boards, that’s a good look into the vibe you’re going for that will help us help you! We would build from that inspiration and include rental pieces that would go well with the mood you’d like to set. If you don’t have an inspiration board, no worries! We can piece together the perfect lounge or help with tabletop decor or backdrop ideas. Let us know the vibe you are aiming for, colors, and some of your favorite Mintage Rentals and we can whip up a Mood Board for you to consider. Let us know how we can help. Shoot us an email, schedule a consultation, where we can discuss in person, or fill out our contact form and we can get the ball rolling!

Why should I rent furniture and props when I can just go out and buy those myself?

One word: Time. Of the many reasons that I can think of as to why you should rent from us and not do this yourself, time is the biggest reason why. We provide a full service rental experience that caters around your special event. From the moment we speak about which rentals you like to the moment we send you a thank you email a few days after the event, we are here for your rental needs and will make sure that the entire rental process is as easy and carefree as possible. Let us do the work on the rentals aspect of your event, so that you have more time to do whatever it is that you do! If not, then you would be spending time searching for pieces, buying the pieces, loading and storing the pieces, figuring out who would be setting up the pieces (because you wouldn’t want to be in charge of that) and packing them up at the end of the event and then where would they go? And for how long? Would you be keeping, selling or storing the props you bought for this one time event? It’s a whole array of things to consider. It’s a process, trust me, we know, because it’s what we do and we take pride in doing it well.

How do I get a quote for pieces to rent?

Here are a few ways to go about getting a quote for your rental needs:

  • Fill out the contact form with details about which pieces you’d like a quote.

  • Send an email to

  • Give us a call or send a text to 830-743-0885. Please leave a voicemail if we miss each other.

  • All of our inventory images can be pinned on Pinterest. A great way to start a wishlist is to pin your favorite Mintage pieces and then share that with us for a quote.

Can I look at rentals in person?

Currently, we do not have a showroom where you can view rental pieces. We do have a studio space downtown where a revolving lounge and a few other rentals are showcased during consultations. Depending on the piece, I may be able to have that available to see.

I’m getting married next year. Can I go ahead and reserve rentals this far in advance?

Why yes, yes you can! The earlier the better to guarantee your Mintage pieces on your wedding day.

My rentals were returned damage free. When is the security deposit returned?

The security deposit is returned within 1-3 days, following your rental date. It should take anywhere from 1-5 business days to be credited back to your account.

How long is the rental duration?

The rentals are for up to 24 hours use. Longer and shorter time frames are available.