Upholstered Seating

Sofas, chairs and settees.


Winston Sofa

Classic leather Chesterfield sofa. Perfectly worn in. Would be great for photo shoots or the centerpiece of a handsome lounge.


Charlotte Sofa

Tufted, soft grey velvet. Seats up to four. Great for lounges and photo shoots.


Marlow Chairs

Gorgeous deep red velour wingback chairs. Would be great in a lounge or holiday photos.

image 3.jpg

Madison Sofa

Navy, tufted, velour sofa. Great for photoshoots or lounge.

image 5.jpg

Rose & Remi Chairs

These are truly lounge chairs. That shape and width make you want to kick back and lounge it up.

Ophelia Sofa.JPG

Ophelia Sofa

This sofa photographs beautifully. The perfect wine color. Great for a lounge or photoshoot.


Evangeline Chair

This Gold velvet chair is so versatile. Great for photoshoots or in a lounge.


Eloise Chair

Velvet shellback chair. So pretty.


Lola Chair

Perfect shade of forest green. Photoshoot or lounge material.


Lula Sofa

Rattan sofa. Boho vibes. Great for a lounge or photoshoot.


Skylar Chairs

Wingback chairs. Sky blue, grey color. Great for a lounge.


Frances Chair

Tufted wingback chair in a lovely forest green. Pop in a lounge or photoshoot.


Sloan Chairs

Barrel back, tufted chairs in a perfect soft rust color. Ideal in a lounge.

image 4.jpg

Leon Sofa

Gold tufted velvet couch is oh so groovy. Great for photoshoots or a lounge.

image 7.jpg

Sofia Settee

Sweet settee with a soft floral pattern. Would be great for bridal photos or maternity photos.


Poppy Sofa

Vibrant teal goodness!


Fiona Sofa

Elegant velvet sofa with tufted seat cushion. Has fringe skirting not pictured. Great for a lounge.


Penelope Settee

This color! All original. Perfect for photoshoots or incorporating in a mini lounge.


Ramona Loveseat

Love the simplicity of this vintage green velvet sofa. Great color. Seats 2-3. Perfect for photoshoots or lounges.


Marie & Antoinette Chairs

Definitely particular chair for a specific style. Just fun and gorgeous. Sweetheart chairs.


Zooey Sofa

Teal, velvet , tufted sofa. Great for that vibrant lounge.


Ava Chair

Lilac Grey/Mauve color. Great for photoshoots or lounge.


Willoughby Chairs

Navy, tufted, wingback chairs. Sit so nicely together. Great for a lounge, sweetheart chairs or photoshoot.

image 6.jpg

Margot Chair

Classic velvet chair with a nice pop of color. Great for photoshoot or in a lounge.

Paloma Chair.jpg

Paloma Chair

She is so fun and funky. Perfect pop of pink. Great for photoshoots.


Amelia Settee

Vibrant blue color. Great for photoshoots or sweetheart settee.


Fitz & Florence Chairs

Asymmetrical velvet chairs. Mustard Yellow/Gold hint of green color! Perfect in a lounge or as sweetheart chairs.


Olive Chairs

Shellback chairs in an olive green velvet. Need we say more! Lounge, photoshoots.

IMG_0327 2.JPG

Bella & Mia Chairs

Nice pair of gold velvet chairs. Great for sweetheart chairs.

image 8.jpg

Savannah Sofa

Original salmon velvet fabric. She has some discoloration. splotchiness and a tucked away tear along one side. I can’t reupholster though, she’s too perfectly imperfect, blemished and all. Great for a lounge or photoshoot.

image 6.jpg

Genevieve Chair

A dark emerald green/forest green color. Not to mention velvet & shellback. This color is great year round and for the holidays. Perfect for photo shoots or in a lounge.